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Learn to play "Well Done" by Tye Tribbett

This video goes over how to play "well Done" on the Piano. Of particular interest are the Vamp chords towards the end. There is a full tutorial on this post, a midi file, a PDF chord sheet, and more!!

Licks by Dvon Cruz

Do you need licks?!!! Look no further, this page is packed with licks from Dvon Cruz or Licks King and Master Instructor! Dvon has a total of 5 different types of licks you can use for every situation!

"Oh Give Thanks" by Joseph Pryor

Jospeh Pryor blazes this song on Instagram like you've never seen! Watch the video to see three suggestions on playing this song. 

"I have decided" by Eddie Brown

Eddie Brown plays "I have decided" by Maurette Brown in this post. A one hour teaching lesson with great teaching suggestions to improv on how you currently look at hymns!!

Gospel Embellishments

Check out these gospel tips you can use to spice up your playing. These tips will help your playing sound modern in no time! In addition we have the MIDI File for Jason Tyson playing "Justified" here.

Kevin Bond Movements and Voicings

This is a companion video to the Live C Training. 

This video is a tutorial for the song: In the Midst of it All, by Kevin Bond on the piano

master the Key of C

Key of C Live Training [members-only]

In this session we complete a practice session in the key of C. This session has 4 sections:

  • 1
    Scales to Practice in C
  • 2
    Chords to Practice in C
  • 3
    Progressions Movements in the Key of C

[New Post] 9 Gospel Piano Lines to Learn

This web post is an accompaniment to the video on 9 Gospel Lines you need to learn. If you are wanting to learn how to create you own solos and gospel licks then study the gospel patterns in this post.

Parris Bowens Live Interview

Gospel Keyboardist for Tye Tribbett, Israel Houghton, and more takes us on his journey to become one of the most highly sought after keyboardists in the gospel music industry. See his secrets and his approach by clicking below 

Ear Training Course 

This course is designed to give you a good foundation for hearing chords properly. It covers the most important intervals you need to hear. It also contains Quiz 1 and Quiz 2 which you can use to develop and test you ear.

Aaron Lindsey Songs and Movements

This page shows us three songs from Aaron Lindsey. Go ahead and click the link to see Full tutorials on how to play both songs. Starting at the beginner level and also hitting some advanced concepts as well!

Dvon Cruse Live Training 

Dvon Cruse tells us the secret of how he got started playing the piano. From drummer, to saxophonist, to keyboardist all of this contributed to his playing style. See Dvon's unique 15 note scale and how he uses it to improvise and find new chord voicings!!!

A Guide to Playing Talk Music

Since Alain Merville mentioned that he studied Jason Tyson's playing on Smokie Norful's CD. Sean went and transcribed a bunch of talk music where Jason Tyson is playing in the background. Go ahead and hit the post below to see a summary of what Sean found!

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