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New Worksheet Available with Live Training

This amazing training covers the way you should learn songs and is the most important part of our 5-Part SUPERGROWTH system of exploding your learning. I have seen great results using this method and worksheet so download it right away and get started!!

Learn to Improvise the song "How Excellent"

We have an example of how a member can affect an entire discussion. Jamal asked us to breakdown some moves from Kanye's service so I took the discussion to a large audience. As a result many musicians were blessed since we showed the movements from the service!!! But that's not all, we went MUCH further than that video in the video on the site. Plus we have a MIDI File for study from as well...

Beginners: We Have New Lessons for You!

We have some new videos for you on how to find the Key of a song as well as the chords. Although this is aimed at beginner's, everyone can benefit by watching the process of how I find the key and the chords to a song. To see the songs press the "Beginner" button on the MIDI Files Tab

  1. Kirk Franklin's "Father Knows Best"
  2. Break Every Chain (Ear + Teaching)
  3. Oh Happy Day (Ear + Teaching)
  4. Lord I lift your name on High (Ear + Teaching)

When Sunday Comes, played by Kevin Bond

The intro of this song requires extensive study an is a masterpiece of how to accompany of world-renowned gospel soloist. This lesson covers, how and when to use diminished chords, the function of suspended chords, and much more!!! 

For Every Mountain, re-harmed by Wendell Lowe

This song "For Every Mountain," has some unique organ voicings so you may find that it takes an entirely different approach to play these chords. In the video, I go through the mindset behind understand these chords as well as a deeper breakdown into how to approach "For Every Mountain"

View our Latest Training

This Training covered 5 different phases of the Practice Session, with suggestions on each phase:

  1. Finger Development
  2. Melodic Development
  3. Vocabulary Development
  4. Harmonic Development
  5. Song Development

Learn 'Secret Place' Improvisation 'Secrets'!!

This tutorial video is very unique in what it offers you. It is definitely for the upper competent to intermediate level musician. It is not just a continuation of the Youtube video but starting from the beginning of the song we talk about various ways to extend and improvise on top the chords. In this way the video goes way further than the youtube video and even further than the MIDI File

Learn your 2-5-1 progressions with this handy downloadable PDF chart!!

If you are always wondering how to create "passing" chords, and how to "move between" chords, then this chart is going to work wonders for you. First watch the Youtube Video on this topic, then watch the video below to see exactly how to use the chart to create your own chords!

My thoughts on the 4 R&B Chords video

In this video I go through my ideas on how you could approach EACH of the 4 chords in the video. Impromptu and on the spot we leave nothing out!

Live Training Now Available

If you would like to see the replay for Sunday's Amazing Live Training Session, click below. We placed the replay in the forum section so check out the comments for any extra info

Course Update!!

Dominant Chords are the foundation of gospel music. This is a topic that is so fundamental to playing gospel that I have placed it in the beginner course. But make no mistake, whether you are an experienced pianist or just beginning, you need to head to the dominant chord section, review your dominants, learn why and how they are used, and learn than in actual songs, using a new and updated whiteboard format!

Lord you are Good, Todd Galberth

Learn how to play "Lord you are Good," in this song. We go WAAY further than traditional teaching videos here. Get the notes, the theory, or just various ideas based on your level. Also included is the midi file, and more!

New Course

Kaspar Jalily. Head to the Course Page and click on Kaspar.

You can watch me GO THROUGH HIS COURSE!! Then decide whether you want to get his course for yourself!

Cory Henry's All I Do

3 things I learned from transcribing Cory Henry playing "All I do" live at Monreux. This video only contains the MIDI File, please consult the Youtube video for the teaching portion.

New Checklists Added!!
 All the extensions you'll ever need!

"Ugh, why don't my chords sound full?!!!" You know that your chords do not sound full but sometimes it's hard to know which notes to add. This new checklist solves that problem. You no longer have to figure out what notes to add. When someone says play a Gmin13b6, you can get the answer in seconds!!!!

Miracle, by Kevin Bond

Ever since we last taught Kevin Bond's In the Midst of It All, there's been a demand for more Kevin Bond stuff. We go ahead and break this song down for you in this 45+minute teaching video. But remember to sound like Kevin Bond, you MUST get the "feel" down and that can be as difficult to master as the notes...

The Blood, by James Hall

Right on time for the Easter Weekend comes these crazy New York chords and voicings. In this video Sean teaches several distinct concepts that are directly tied to the Roadmap. Here are some of the concepts you will learn in this video:

New Training on our New RoadMap!

This training is significant and should be watched by all members. After the completion of this training, head over to the roadmap and take inventory of your current skills. What you know and don't know for each level.

"I have decided" by Eddie Brown

Eddie Brown plays "I have decided" by Maurette Brown in this post. An one hour teaching lesson with great teaching suggestions to improve on how you currently look at hymns!!!

Kevin Bond Movements and Voicings

This video is a tutorial for the song "In the Midst of it All", by Kevin Bond on the piano.

Aaron Lindsey Songs and Movements

This page shows us three songs from Aaron Lindsey. Go ahead and click the link to see Full tutorials on how to play both songs. Starting at the beginner level and also hitting some advanced concepts as well!