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Wondering what to play when they groove?

  Ok, so this groove is in F#. The movements Loren Dawson does are acutally quite simple. In this video we will play the chords Loren uses on the bounce pattern and also give you some improv tips as usual.

  I have placed this song in the beginner section because it is actually easier to get the chords to this than finding a bounce/rhythm pattern that works for you


Latest Live Training is Now Available!!!

  • Watch as we connect and interact with other members
  • Get Tips on How to Practice Drop 2 Voicings
  • Learn a dope passing movement you can use to Ebmajor or Ebminor
  • Learn how to play Talk Music and Get some Great Ideas!!
  • Learn how Sean uses Alexa to practice

To know you Lord

We go over 3 things in this video:

1) How to extend simple triads to make them sound dope

2) A practical use of 7th chords in a song

3) How to use the b9b5 chord


You are my hiding place, Kevin Powell!!!

The chord are this are insane folks. Man, I cant tell you how much I enjoy transcribing these folks, I learn something new every day! Grab the MIDI File on this folks!


Watch the Replay on how to use the chord charts

Did you miss last Sunday's Live Training? If so, here is the replay. This training will not only show you how to use the Suspended and Diminished Chord Charts but will also cover important rules about when to use Suspended and Diminished chords and how to make them sound good


New Roadmap Lesson

Hopefully you have been enjoying our Roadmap so far! This lesson forms the substance of the Competent Roadmap going forward. Enjoy!

I'm Still here Tutorial with Mike Bereal on Keys

I'm Still Here, Played by Mike.... Dissected

This cool breakdown shows my perspective on many of the licks, movements, and chords in Mike Bereal's incredible accompaniment as he played behind Dorinda Clark Cole. Included is a MIDI File which you can also donwload for free


Get your Diminished and Suspended Charts


I have have two chord charts for you to download. I just uploaded a new youtube video showing you how to use one of the charts, the Suspended Chord chart. I do not have a video on the Diminished chart yet, however, most of you will still find these charts extremely helpful when trying to find various chords.


Low on time? Check out our new 6-Minute Practice Booster Schedule

This actually works and it allows you to maintain all areas of your musical development. I use this if I am feeling, tired, drained, or just low on motivation. The key is to carve out only 6-minutes a day. Download the chart and do the same thing, each time. Check off the days on the chart each day that you complete your 6-minute booster


Pre-Session Talk, Chords, Movements

Here is a recording of the chat we were having before our session. Here is the question the video was asking

1) What is the cool Cory Henry chord progression that flips the use of the half-diminished chord, and where can we use it?

2) How do you use and practice the 6ths movement?

Our Intermediate Roadmap has begun!

Hey, you'll be happy to know that you can now access a few lessons in the Intermediate Roadmap Section. We are just starting the Roadmap and I am excited to see what more lessons in the Intermediate Section. In this video we will focus on on Learning the 6-b5-5-1 chord progression

I love the Lord, Cory Henry chords

Hey, "I love the Lord" was transcribed in 2017 and has been on the site but many of you have not seen it yet. Please note that the chords to this song are quite advanced, however, I have gotten so much from this song and I have broken it into 9 sections for you. This makes it easy to navigate and keep organized as you learn his insane vocabulary

Course Update!!

Dominant Chords are the foundation of gospel music. This is a topic that is so fundamental to playing gospel that I have placed it in the beginner course. If you just learned about inverted dominants in this YouTube video you first need to learn and practice regular dominants!


[Live Training  ] Phil Cornish

This training by Phil is now ready. There is no way you can fail as a musician if you truly listen and implement the ideas in this session 💯


[New Lesson  ] Travis Sayles

This song by Travis Sayles is pretty advanced. I suggest you watch the video, grab the midi file, and start taking this apart chord by chord, note by note


[New Song Tutorial] A Praying Spirit

This song uses the classic gospel chords that many of us heard in the 90's. With Credric Thompson on the keys let's learn this  amazing song!


[New Song Tutorial] When you wish upon a star

Melody is King. Let's study the chords on this together for this amazing song. You will have a lot of cool resources to help you learn this when you click the button below


[New Song Tutorial] Blessed and Highly Favored by the Clark Sisters

Get all the chords on this song with an amazing chord chart plus a video that goes in depth on alternate approaches you can use with the chords. The video is geared for intermediate, however, since the chords are all spelled out for you, anyone can play this so all levels should study this.


New Lesson on "All this Love," from Phil Cornish 

Learn this great R&B song, All this love, sung by the amazing singer Alex Isley, and played by Phil Cornish. You will have a lot of goodies to download so check it out!!!


New Lesson experimenting with harmonies

Every musician should be able to experiment with sounds in order to find sounds that he/she likes. This video is not really about playing chords but it is showing you the process of how I am trying to find chords. I don't use a formula when I sit down to play a song. I play from the heart and try to explain it later. This means the key is to build your vocabulary. Then you will literally surprised yourself with what you come up with!!

We Need a Word from the Lord

[Song Tutorial]We Need a Word from the Lord, by Thomas Whitfield  

Thomas Whitfield should be studied by every gospel musician!! If you are just starting with Thomas Whitfield, I recommend memorizing "We Need a Word from the Lord" first, in order to get the gospel chords and signature style down👏. This video is a complete tutorial + midi file + sheet music.


New Lesson covering Rodney East!

Get into the mind of a producer by studying Rodney East interpretation of Allelujah, Salvation, and Glory. In this video I start by giving you some tips first and the we teach the second half of the video that was not shown in youtube


[New Lessons] 5 New Lessons added to our Ear Training Course!

We now have 5 new training exercises for you to develop your ear. These exercises are designed to help you Warm-Up you Ear BEFORE you start Interval exercises. Click the link and look at the "Prerequisite Skills" Section in the course


[New Lessons] 2 Lessons added to Embellishments Course!

We've got a couple more embellishments you can use to spice up your playing and give it that extra flair!! ??

Note: Remember licks and embellishments do not add vocabulary they are unique movements in the gospel industry that you will see or hear often that help add more spice to your playing

[New Course] My Own Practice Schedule!

Still confused about HOW to practice scales? What scales to use? Just want ideas on what you can practice? Want to see some unique ways to add movements to your vocabulary? Want to follow along with me as your learn your scales? Want to gain fluency? Want to gain proficiency? Want better technique? Want to build your vocabulary? If you answered Yes, to any of these then you will enjoy our New Course.


[Song Tutorial] Learn to play "In the Room" by Jason Nelson

This is a straightfoward tutorial on how to play "In the Room" by Jason Nelson. In this video we primarily cover the Intro and the Vamp

Learn the 'Secrets' to Improvisation

Many musicians have questions about improv. How do I improvise. ThIn this video I try to clarify what it truly means to improvise. The idea is built on only two types of chords. Tension chords and Release chords, which I also call target chords in other videos. Again, this lesson is not for beginners and uses Parris Bowens song for examples of tension and release

Learn the NAMM Groove @Doobie Powell

Here is what you get in this video.:

Step 1: First you will learn the bass notes

Step 2: Then you will learn the corresponding chords

Beginners will stop video

Step 3: Then you will learn improv ideas on each chord

[Song Tutorial] Learn to Play Anoining, J Moss step by step

This song is a classic, but fun song to learn. It has this R&B kinda vibe, with a hint of gospel and Neo-soul. To teach this one I start in a way that beginners can even understand, we only play the bass note. From there I quickly progress to chords, and cool embellishments you can do with this song. Check it out using the button below

He Shall Purify

He Shall Purify is a staple Christmas selection but very difficult to play on the piano. This song is played by Michael O Jackson, and is actually one of the musicians I studied when I was 19, having friends who knew him and leant me his personal tapes. His phrasing on this song is way ahead of its time as he was using West Coast voicings at a time when they were still relatively new. Enjoy the tutorial!

[Song Tutorial] Oh Holy Night Tutorial (Beginner + Intermediate)

We begin this tutorial with me showing you exactly how I create the sound that I use for many of my nice sounding Christmas songs. After that I go through the song the for beginners. However, this would be a good refresher for those of you who want to go over your basics. After this we go into some more intermediate approaches. This is a great vid and starts slow enough for everyone! Enjoy!

Cory Henry Tutorial

In this tutorial I examine some of the movements from this shed session.  Please note that this tutorial is for advanced and intermediate musicians only. The MIDI file is for the entire song! Enjoy!

"You Deserve It" Tutorial

This is a song tutorial on "You Deserve It" by JJ Hairston. This tutorial is great because it goes into the theory of how to extend chords and the important of understanding your diatonic triads when you are learning a song.

Sus Voicings

What is a Suspended Chord? When should you use it? How do you know how to apply it? Do you know the difference between a Sus2, Sus4, Maj(add2), and Drop2Maj7 chord? Sean shares videos on how to use these unique voicings which are also part of your Beginner's Roadmap.

New Song Movements: from Jo Pryor

This video was one of our most-requested vids!! So much to learn here! We show you three movements on the Youtube Video. On the Site we go into using some of his movements as Talk Music and also the theory behind some of the left-hand movements. In addition, Sean discusses the process he used to create the MIDI File for this in depth!

Learn to Improvise the song "How Excellent"

We have an example of how a member can affect an entire discussion. Jamal asked us to breakdown some moves from Kanye's service so I took the discussion to a large audience. As a result many musicians were blessed since we showed the movements from the service!!! But that's not all, we went MUCH further than that video in the video on the site. Plus we have a MIDI File for study from as well...

Beginners: We Have New Lessons for You!

We have some new videos for you on how to find the Key of a song as well as the chords. Although this is aimed at beginner's, everyone can benefit by watching the process of how I find the key and the chords to a song. To see the songs press the "Beginner" button on the MIDI Files Tab

  1. Kirk Franklin's "Father Knows Best"
  2. Break Every Chain (Ear + Teaching)
  3. Oh Happy Day (Ear + Teaching)
  4. Lord I lift your name on High (Ear + Teaching)

View our Latest Training

This Training covered 5 different phases of the Practice Session, with suggestions on each phase:

  1. Finger Development
  2. Melodic Development
  3. Vocabulary Development
  4. Harmonic Development
  5. Song Development

Learn 'Secret Place' Improvisation 'Secrets'!!

This tutorial video is very unique in what it offers you. It is definitely for the upper competent to intermediate level musician. It is not just a continuation of the Youtube video but starting from the beginning of the song we talk about various ways to extend and improvise on top the chords. In this way the video goes way further than the youtube video and even further than the MIDI File

Lord you are Good, Todd Galberth

Learn how to play "Lord you are Good," in this song. We go WAAY further than traditional teaching videos here. Get the notes, the theory, or just various ideas based on your level. Also included is the midi file, and more!

Kaspar Jalily. Head to the Course Page and click on Kaspar.

You can watch me GO THROUGH HIS COURSE!! Then decide whether you want to get his course for yourself!

Cory Henry's All I Do

3 things I learned from transcribing Cory Henry playing "All I do" live at Monreux. This video only contains the MIDI File, please consult the Youtube video for the teaching portion.

New Checklists Added!!
 All the extensions you'll ever need!

"Ugh, why don't my chords sound full?!!!" You know that your chords do not sound full but sometimes it's hard to know which notes to add. This new checklist solves that problem. You no longer have to figure out what notes to add. When someone says play a Gmin13b6, you can get the answer in seconds!!!!

Miracle, by Kevin Bond

Ever since we last taught Kevin Bond's In the Midst of It All, there's been a demand for more Kevin Bond stuff. We go ahead and break this song down for you in this 45+minute teaching video. But remember to sound like Kevin Bond, you MUST get the "feel" down and that can be as difficult to master as the notes...

The Blood, by James Hall

Right on time for the Easter Weekend comes these crazy New York chords and voicings. In this video Sean teaches several distinct concepts that are directly tied to the Roadmap. Here are some of the concepts you will learn in this video:

New Training on our New RoadMap!

This training is significant and should be watched by all members. After the completion of this training, head over to the roadmap and take inventory of your current skills. What you know and don't know for each level.

"I have decided" by Eddie Brown

Eddie Brown plays "I have decided" by Maurette Brown in this post. An one hour teaching lesson with great teaching suggestions to improve on how you currently look at hymns!!!