Beginner Scale Charts

These 12 chord charts (one for each key) will help you learn the most important chords you need in every key.

 The chart below gives a practical use of how to use the chord charts for one of the keys, G flat.

  • How to use the chord chart to hear songs
  • How to notate and write chords to learn songs
  • Playing the 4 main chords
  • The difference between triads and seventh chords

Scale Practice PDF


This excellent resource will help you to master the Main chords and Triads in every key

  • Quickly learn how to play in a key by mastering your number system
  • Use the chart to play preacher chords in every key
  • Master your seventh chords in every key
  • Learn the 4 Main chords required for every key
  • Learn how to improv based on a given chord