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In order to be in the top 10% of members there is ONE concept you need to understand. Because it is the accumulation of small wins that make the greatest musicians successful. I have found this to be the most important thing a musicians can have that is….

Breaking out the Failure Cycle


What to do when you hit a “WALL”


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Jarvis Belin–check him out

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Stephen Morris–check him out!!

  • Edmond Adjei says:

    They practice consistently.

  • Luis fernando Villegas sanchez says:

    No hay ningún video

  • Phillip Williams says:

    They don’t skip steps and have a set schedule to practice every day.

  • David Mead says:

    Hi Sean, Just signed up and am a bit overwhelmed with the process of accessing the process. I have been a member of GMTC but have experienced it as missing the “how to” and a bit chaotic in terms of the learning process. So, for me to achieve success I do need help with the system. I am 76 years young, have sung with the London Community Choir, have played piano as a youngster, and also play the Scottish fiddle. I am very keen to return to the piano and progress with my fairly good musical ear. Just need a firm programme to take me there. I am not very easy with IT so all help greatly received in using this format.

  • Keith Norris says:

    They make mistakes, and turn them into success patterns. Practice, ask questions, and are consistent.

  • Francis Wangeh says:

    Hi Sean, I just registered to join ur team hope I learn something.

  • Patrick Walker says:

    They really overstand what they are learning and perfect it

  • Kevin Mayes says:

    They plan, practice, review, and practice some more.

  • Albert says:

    The top musicians master their fundamentals

  • Amber Bitakis says:

    When will this video come out? I’m excited!

  • Reginald Carter says:

    Everything begins and ends with belief. Through their consistency, they formed the habit of greatness. Their habits got the results for them to be in the top 10%.

  • warren mckinzie says:

    consistent practice, strong ear development

  • Chrishawn Fountain says:

    naturally gifted, just playing. i think firstly is the desire to excel.

  • Adam Morris says:


  • Orlando McFarlane says:

    Honestly, I don’t think it’s rocket science. Practice, practice, practice!

  • Sheridan McCarver says:

    Top 10% are those who never move until they perfect steps and hungry to keep growing no matter how hard it gets imo

  • Tyrone Frazier III says:

    Consistent Practice and Increasing Vocabulary daily.

  • Garner R Buckley III says:

    Finding time to practice for sure… Definitely something I need to work on.
    Having a structure to practice sessions instead of fooling around.
    Playing slow and placing emphasis on building technique
    Listening to all styles of music and pianist

  • Fatima Longino says:

    I would say they practice consistently and practice things they would struggle on. They incorporate what they have learned immediately in their playing.

  • Alberto López says:

    Order on topics when we are gonna practice.

  • Eric Henley says:

    They follow your instructions.

  • Ed Griffin says:

    They are consistent with their practice, and growing musically

  • Maurice Doyle says:

    Consistency is key

  • Dimitri Jean-Baptiste says:

    They think differently

  • Darryl Eley says:

    The top 10% most likely followed the suggested road map along with the use of fluency, vocabulary and creativity. In addition they learned and memorized songs to closed gaps and protected skills.

  • Nard Humes says:

    pay close attention to detail & don’t skip also they slow down and practice and take their time. That’s how they retain it faster & remember it forever.

  • Christian Mbenzu says:

    Incorporate different genres into there playing and build alternate progressions.

  • Patrick Chambers says:

    Stay committed and learn to the process!

  • Levi Clay says:

    Bro… you’ve been recording this for almost 2 YEARS 😂

  • Mpiyabo Sibanda says:

    Unlike me they are never abused and taken over by so called YouTube experts who teach you something because it sounds good but you can’t apply it in song. It’s like having an Amazon buying card, you impulsively buy something because it looks good but leaves you empty.
    The 10% focus on that one thing until they get it right without failure and before they move on. Practice, practice practice. I have learnt a lot from the comments made here.

  • Thapelo Dludlu says:

    I have just joined today

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