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This video is being recorded, if you see this early let me know below, what do you think the top 10% of members do?

What makes them different? Why are they so successful?

  • Edmond Adjei says:

    They practice consistently.

  • Luis fernando Villegas sanchez says:

    No hay ningún video

  • Phillip Williams says:

    They don’t skip steps and have a set schedule to practice every day.

  • David Mead says:

    Hi Sean, Just signed up and am a bit overwhelmed with the process of accessing the process. I have been a member of GMTC but have experienced it as missing the “how to” and a bit chaotic in terms of the learning process. So, for me to achieve success I do need help with the system. I am 76 years young, have sung with the London Community Choir, have played piano as a youngster, and also play the Scottish fiddle. I am very keen to return to the piano and progress with my fairly good musical ear. Just need a firm programme to take me there. I am not very easy with IT so all help greatly received in using this format.

  • Keith Norris says:

    They make mistakes, and turn them into success patterns. Practice, ask questions, and are consistent.

  • Francis Wangeh says:

    Hi Sean, I just registered to join ur team hope I learn something.

  • Patrick Walker says:

    They really overstand what they are learning and perfect it

  • Kevin Mayes says:

    They plan, practice, review, and practice some more.

  • Albert says:

    The top musicians master their fundamentals

  • Amber Bitakis says:

    When will this video come out? I’m excited!

  • Reginald Carter says:

    Everything begins and ends with belief. Through their consistency, they formed the habit of greatness. Their habits got the results for them to be in the top 10%.

  • warren mckinzie says:

    consistent practice, strong ear development

  • Chrishawn Fountain says:

    naturally gifted, just playing. i think firstly is the desire to excel.

  • Adam Morris says:


  • Orlando McFarlane says:

    Honestly, I don’t think it’s rocket science. Practice, practice, practice!

  • Sheridan McCarver says:

    Top 10% are those who never move until they perfect steps and hungry to keep growing no matter how hard it gets imo

  • Tyrone Frazier III says:

    Consistent Practice and Increasing Vocabulary daily.

  • Garner R Buckley III says:

    Finding time to practice for sure… Definitely something I need to work on.
    Having a structure to practice sessions instead of fooling around.
    Playing slow and placing emphasis on building technique
    Listening to all styles of music and pianist

  • Fatima Longino says:

    I would say they practice consistently and practice things they would struggle on. They incorporate what they have learned immediately in their playing.

  • Alberto López says:

    Order on topics when we are gonna practice.

  • Eric Henley says:

    They follow your instructions.

  • Ed Griffin says:

    They are consistent with their practice, and growing musically

  • Maurice Doyle says:

    Consistency is key

  • Dimitri Jean-Baptiste says:

    They think differently

  • Darryl Eley says:

    The top 10% most likely followed the suggested road map along with the use of fluency, vocabulary and creativity. In addition they learned and memorized songs to closed gaps and protected skills.

  • Nard Humes says:

    pay close attention to detail & don’t skip also they slow down and practice and take their time. That’s how they retain it faster & remember it forever.

  • Christian Mbenzu says:

    Incorporate different genres into there playing and build alternate progressions.

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