Practice must have 3 things


Helpful Tips:

🚀 Fluency – If you want to play without thinking you must develop fluency

  • Take out a sheet of paper (or digital notebook) and write out things that you THINK you need to practice every day (you can adjust this over time)
  • List no more than 7 things that you will practice every time you get on the piano and write them here (you can always change this later)
  • You should be able to practice this session for only 30 minutes a day and up to 2 hours
  • You will get ideas about what to practice studying the roadmaps and courses on this site
  • If you have trouble coming up with 7 things you should practice either post a question in the forum, come and ask your question live during our live sessions, or upgrade to premium membership and book a private session with Sean

🚀 Vocabulary Options – If you want more ‘go-to' options while moving from chord to chord you must develop your vocabulary

  • Take out a sheet of paper (or digital notebook) and jot down 3 to 5 of musicians whose sound and chords you most enjoy
  • Has Sean covered any of these musicians on his website? Use the search bar and search for the musician, save the name of each song
  • You goal is to cover a tiny bit of a song, every day, you will start from the same spot and go as slowly as you can. 
  • You are NOT trying to sound like the musician!!! You are getting their chords into your vocabulary, that is a different process. This requires learning one chord, move at a time
  • You must Commit to Memorizing the Song or Phrase. Chord by Chord. Increasing the speed little by little each time. Memorize it

🚀 Creativity – If you want to have your own unique sound that no one has you must develop your creativity

  • Take out a sheet of paper (or digital notebook) and write down the best songs that you have memorized
  • You need to have memorized a song. You can only write the song down if the song has been memorized verbatim
  • If you have not memorized the song, that is why you are stuck. Cause you haven't taken the time to Master a sound. Go back to the last step!
  • After you have a list of the songs you have memorized write down the key beside each song. Note how many keys are represented 
  • During this part of your practice session you are going over the songs you have memorized, striving for accuracy and better timing

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  • Paullephia Mobley says:

    I am just joining and I can tell I will be a member for a long while!!

  • James Martin says:

    Wow. I am excited to be a part of this group. I feel stuck and am discouraged about my playing. I hear soooooo many incredible musician and would love to play like them. I really want to be able to sit at the piano and play for my church, my family and myself WITHOUT chord charts or music. Hope to gain these skills here.
    Doc Martin

  • Deanna Bowie says:

    First time. Where to start? I know maj and min scales and their triads, 7s M7 and how to form 9 11 and 13ths. Fluent only in 1 4 5 and 7ths. Memorizes only from lead sheets not by ear. Play songs in 1 4 5

  • Damian Coley says:

    Glad to be joining from the United Kingdom and excited for progress.

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