Using the I, IV, V, and V7 chords Practice


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  • says:

    I got through the entire thing with you. The exercise really makes you think about where you are in each key. It also makes you think ahead for the next key. I love this exercise!!!

    I did this exercise using a, i – ii – V and V7 cadence in all keys as well. I got some really good notes and I’m going to take your advice about the index cards. Thanks for the knowledge.

  • Mpiyabo Sibanda says:

    Love the fact that this is on my beginner road map esp the Dom chord being first before moving to maj7. Now I learn the 1-4-5 including the dom chord. Sound like I am playing a song when I am only doing practice. Who said practice was boring.? I could spend the whole year doing practice only and be as good when I touch a song. Thank you Sean

  • Marcus Acree says:

    I stayed in this exercise for like a week and a half, i got it pretty good

    • William Givens says:

      yes — I just started it and I feel like I am falling back in love with the piano again. This is the fundamental stuff that I skipped and I feel like it stunted my growth. So now I am in it and loving it. I started this today @ like 7pm and I look up and it’s 10:43p — I am dialed in!

  • Chevonne says:

    I had to revisit this today! LOL

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