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Do you identify with this?

I really LOVE what these GOSPEL AND JAZZ MUSICIANS do on the piano!!

IF only I knew what they did!

IF I could figure it out!
IF I could hear what chords they played...

and IF someone could break it down for me

and show ME how to play the same thing I would be in HEAVEN!!!!!

If you FEEL this way. You BELONG HERE

The Hottest

Gospel Song Breakdowns

Sean Wilson Piano breakdowns the hottest songs in gospel. Gospel Live performances,  Recorded Tracks for choir, Popular Jazz songs, and more so that YOU can learn to play them too!

What makes our breakdowns Unique?

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    Lesson Breakdowns are given by a certified teacher and instructor . Sean uses appropriate and tested teaching techniques to maximize your learning potential!
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    Lesson Breakdowns are given by a musician with over 30 years experience. The same person who transcribes (figures out the chords) also teaches and explains them to you
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    On site lessons cater to ALL skill levels. Whether beginner, advanced, or somewhere in the middle YOU can still learn to play the hottest gospel songs


Learn To Approach Music Differently And Generate Tons Of New Ideas While Playing on the Spot

The Fundamentals

Learn to BLAZE in ALL keys

Many keyboardist are stuck using the transpose button on difficult songs. You need to have a system for EVERY Key, with the chords, scales, runs, and improv techniques broken down key by key.

Learn to Play and Improvise in EVERY Key?

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