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Ear Musicians NEed 3 Things to Grow

Use MIDI Files to learn ANY song as the notes light up on the keyboard. Watch and Learn at Turtle Speed!!

For More MIDI Files see Sean Wilson Piano youtube channel and look in the description area for the song you want or search the name of the song you want in google with the word"midi files" after the word


MIDI Files

It is no surprise that pianist that have good mentors and teachers do up to 5x better than those who try to learn by themselves or have poor teachers!

FYI, Sean was rated one of the top teachers on RateMYProfessor! 



Where do most musicians go when they struggle? Having a support group to learn from, hold your accountable, and grow with is the primary cause of success

Surround yourself with a group of musicians who believe in your potential!



Not gonna lie, Sean's gotta dope site! I admire his work and what he's doing for gospel musicians. Nice work, Keep it up man!! 

Parris Bowens

Gospel Recording Artist/Producer for Multiple Gospel Artists

Growing up in a musical family with Jim Wilson, my dad, an amazing musician/organist and Sean, my brother really shaped how I approach music today

Justin Wilson 

?Grammy Award for Best Arrangement  Instruments, and Vocals

Whoa! Your site is insane man. Teaching is easy to understand, midi files are great! And that new Roadmap feature is cool!

Daniella Bernard

Keyboardist Extraordinaire 

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