Learn to Improvise, Build your Ear, and Sound like the Pros on the Piano

Does this sound like you?
  • You have trouble learning a song because you cannot hear all the chords being played
  • You feel stuck in a rut and feel like you are using the same chords and movements over and over
  • It is difficult to improvise on your own because you do not have an amazing vocabulary 
  • ​You want to understand WHY THINGS WORK so that you can feel more confident about what you are playing
  • You are unable to play certain scales, runs, or melodies and have trouble knowing the proper fingering or notes to play
  •  Need a practical step-by-step guide on what you need to learn at each stage of to soar through each stage with perfect understanding!
You need access to tools that will make you succeed 

You need access to song files that accommodate to your current speed, a teacher that can breakdown the most difficult concepts and make them understandable, a roadmap that shows you your current level and how to get to the next level, access to trainings taught by the best and brightest in the gospel music industry.

we help you grow in 3 areas:



Your vocabulary is determined by how many chords, movements, and techniques you have memorized and can play on your own. You grow your vocabulary by learning songs!


Ear Training

The more you develop your Ear, the quicker you will be able to learn songs and hear difficult chords and movements. You grow your ear by transcribing songs on your own!



To play gospel correctly requires proper rhythm, timing, and technique. You grow your technique by playing difficult songs in real time just like the record!

welcome to sean wilson piano membership site!!

Are you ready to GROW and stop feeling stuck?

This Training Membership Site has been called the "needed musician resource" for this decade!

The fact that you are here means you want to grow, improve, and take your playing to the next level!!

Here's How joining will help you

Finally start growing again

Unique Video-Lessons and MIDI Files of Live Performances will make it infinitely easier to figure out their techniques and play like the PROS 

Gain Confidence

With our new approach to music instruction, you can gain an understanding of what you are doing, actionable steps to take, and how to play with more confidence

Learn Songs Faster

Learn songs quickly by developing your ear and increasing your chord vocabulary. The faster you learn songs the quicker you will become a Master Musician

Start progressing again

It is easy to hit a wall and feel like you are not progressing. What you need is a change in perspective and a different approach and exposure to NEW and EMERGING ideas!!

Supportive Community

Access to a supportive community means you will have access to hundreds of musicians who can encourage you and provide experience, ideas, feedback, and support

Amazing Instructor

Access to a teacher that understands how to teach to ALL levels. Having a teacher who understands your specific struggles means that you can get advice tailored to your unique situation 

Gain New Skills

Gain a ton of new chords, ideas, and approaches that are used by the best pianist in gospel. You will never run out of creative ideas while playing

Save Time

To transcribe your favorite musician can take even good musicians several months to a year. With the membership you get access to a growing list of high-quality gospel songs that you won't find anywhere else

Rekindle Passion

Nothing gives support like knowing your purpose, understanding your motivating, and interacting with a group of like-minded people, who are passionate. Together we can feel excited about playing again!!!

Develop your vocabulary, Explode your technique, Improve your Ear

After you join you will have access to:

Premium MIDI Files

  • Learning from MIDI files is this century's best method of learning songs by ear and exploding your vocabulary!!
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    Using MIDI Files allows you to see what to play as the notes light up on the piano keyboard 
  • Using MIDI Files allows you to slow down the notes so that every note, nuance, and chord can be captured at "turtle speed"

Live Trainings

  • For many musicians this will be the first time they are exposed to the brains, inside info, practice ideas, and teaching strategies of the same folks you hear on many gospel albums and records
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    The Live Training time is an opportunity to learn from the Gospel Masters in a way that is personal enough to ask on the spot questions, yet private enough to do in your own home on your own keyboard.


  • Hours of In-Depth, Step by Step Lessons designed to for all skill levels. Lessons are available for beginner, medium, and intermediate pianists
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    Our Lesson Library features Key Gospel Influencers. Learn to Play like: Kevin Bond, Eddie Brown, Mike Bereal, Cory Henry, Travis Sayles, Aaron Lindsey, and much more!!

Tips on Playing in Every Key, Chord Strategies, and more!!

  • Training in the key chords, notes, and suggestions for every key!!
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    Chords strategies and Improv Suggestions in multiple keys means that you wont struggle to play in some keys while being good at other keys
Words From actual members, real people...

I starting taking piano lessons as a young child. My 'training' musically has been through playing for church, events, and minor artists. My father is a musician so a lot of theory and technique I've learned and developed from him. When I was thinking about joining the site, I actually wondered if the information on the site would translate into actual measurable results. I've come across a lot of programs and systems and it seemed like nothing really stuck long term. I'm extremely pleased with how and what I've been able to gain from the information on the site. Both the approach and content are relevant, relatable, and easy to understand. I love both the membership group(Facebook) and the Live Trainings with guest musicians!

Jordan A Musician

I began playing the piano and organ in the church before I went to college and occasionally outside of my main career when time permitted. I initially hesitated joining the membership site for fear that the training would be more advanced than I am.

But I have always wanted to learn more contemporary styles of playing. The membership gives me different perspectives in approaching traditional and contemporary songs. It also provides endless ideas for improvisation and I feel more confident since I have been a part of this community.

      Another thing about the site. You can ask all the questions you want, you have direct input into the design of future lessons, and you get responsive, constructive feedback from the teacher. Generally, in a training site, students don't have the opportunity to make suggestions on material. In the case of Sean Wilson's Piano membership, you do!

Jeanetta W Musician


You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. In fact, If you are not happy with Sean Wilson Piano Membership you can resign within 30 days from joining and you will get your money back and KEEP your MIDI FILES. Just let me know and I'll send you a refund.


Get Instant Access to Sean Wilson Piano




Most Popular Plan!

Monthly Plan

  • Recurring Monthly Plan 
  • Lowest Monthly Cost
  • Get Unlimited MIDI Files
  • Monthly Live Training Sessions
  • Get Ear Training Courses and Training
  • Learn the strategies and secrets of the pro gospel players




Monthly with coaching

  • Everything in the monthly plan
  • Professional Mentoring
  • 2 Personal Piano Lessons/month
  • Personal Practice Schedule 
  • Charged at $199 per month 

*All plans can be cancelled at any time hassle free

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Sean Wilson
Creator of Sean Wilson Piano

About Sean

Sean is the internet’s self-proclaimed leading transcriber and musical guru.

He is best known for transcribing some of the best and craziest musicians on the planet, playing what they play, showing what they are doing, and breaking it down for everyone to understand.

Develop your vocabulary, Explode your technique, Improve your Ear


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So, what if I get in and say "this is not for me. I'd rather just buy your midi files"

So you're saying I don't pay extra for midi files? Do I get them all for free as a member?

How quickly will you help me to blaze like the best musicians, and play like Cory Henry?

How do I renew my membership?

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