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7-3-6 Chord Progressions

Learn these 7-3-6 changes that will make you sound like a seasoned pro!






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Welcome to Sean Wilson Piano Membership Site!!

ean Wilson Piano Membership Site

Here is how we help you

Exclusive Roadmap

Step-by-Step Lessons make sure you don't have any gaps in your playing

Unless you were in a formal school to learn how to play the piano by ear you probably have some gaps in your playing that you need to fill. Once you log in click the "Roadmap" link at the top of the page and what yourself grow as you conquer those gaps.

Highest Quality Midi Files

Our Extensive Song Library will show you the chords of the top musicians

By studying the movements of other musicians you have all the chords, runs, and ideas they have. You get top quality MIDI file and LMV files to learn the songs at your OWN pace and OWN time.

Learn HOW to practice cool chords

Learn exactly how I practice and practice with me

I don't just tell you how to practice. I show you what to practice. If you don't know what to practice to achieve the greatest vocabulary, use Sean's personal practice course to get amazing results!

About Sean

Sean is the internet's self-proclaimed leading transcriber and musical guru.

He is best known for transcribing some of the best and craziest musicians on the planet, playing what they play, showing what they are doing, and breaking it down for everyone to understand.

Sean Wilson

Creator of Sean Wilson Piano

Get faster results with a supportive community

Encourage accountability and follow-up using our community features

* Participate in Member Challenges
* Ask a questions about any song
* All members are valued, welcomed, and appreciated
* All questions are encouraged
*Members have a chance to share in a 100% supportive environment

Tutorials by a Master Teacher

Learn why chords work and how to apply chords to other songs

We offer lessons for ALL skill levels. Whether you are just started out, been playing a few years, or even if you have been playing your whole life we have lessons tailored just for you.

Checklists and Cheatsheets

Download checklists you can print out and use offline

Need to download a practice schedule you can fill out? Do you need to see all the dopest chords and extensions in an easy to understand way? Do you need to see what gaps you are missing? Head to our checklists section.

We have all of this and more in the membership...


Basic Yearly Plan

Pay for 9months, get 12 months! *Special



  • Unlimited Membership Access, MIDI, and Lessons
  • Get an even bigger discount on the 2nd year
  • Membership is only approx $20/month for first year
  • Peace of mind, pay once... and forget about it

*Cancel at ANY time!!!

Premium Yearly Plan

The best bang for the buck!! Get Everything!



  • Unlimited Membership Access, MIDI, and Lessons
  • Get an even bigger discount on the 2nd year
  • Peace of mind, pay once... and forget about it
  • Get one-on-one private lessons from Sean
  • Second year drops to $243

*Cancel at ANY time!!!

Site Membership

Our Lowest Price! Everything except private lessons


  • Access to our Roadmap
  • Unlimited MIDI Files
  • Monthly Live Trainings
  • Downloadable checklists
  • Hundreds of songs with theory explanations

*Cancel at ANY time!!!

Premium Membership

includes Personal Coaching


  • One-on-One Sessions
  • Access to our Roadmap
  • Unlimited MIDI Files
  • Weekly Live Trainings from Sean
  • Discounts on additional lessons 
  • Limited Slots Available

*Cancel at ANY time!!!

30 Days No Questions Asked

Money Back Guarantee

If you join and decide the Membership isn't right for you, just let me know within 30 days of joining. I will happily cancel your membership and refund your money.

Let's see what Members Are Saying

Natalie T


I'm so grateful that I found Sean's website, it's been such a game-changer for me, the practice routines, the way he breaks down, everything on the site... it's been a life-changing experience!

Testimonial - Cyril Lambert

Cyril Lambert

I must let you know guys that my Playing is taking a serious turn. Prof. Sean Wilson its working.

I learn so much from taking small sections of a songs from dope musicians and applying it into my playing. So I feel my Chord Vocab... is growing every week. Consistency is the key. People are noticing a difference in my playing!!!

The church I play for requested a musical solo of "I won't complain." I wasn't as focused on WHAT to play but more so FEELING the song through the music. The lessons on the site and scales I've been practicing helped me play with confidence. Thank you sir for your passion and instruction!!

Testimonial - Jordan Anderson

Jordan Anderson

Testimonial - Marvan Hartestimonial - Marvan Hart

Marvan Hart

So I went a rehearsal last Friday and I was like 85% ready because I didn't learn the bridge of the song because it was a bit intimidating. It was bothering me like crap.. However after watching Sean Wilson work out chords from the top note instead of using the bass note it amazed me that I was able to figure out the chords. It took me a while replay after replay after replay but I actually got it. This increased my confidence in myself and my ear as well.



Hey Sean, I made a tour of the site on my laptop. Feel free to share it with others who are thinking about joining!

You are not alone. Every musician reaches a stage where they feel confused and stuck

Finally start growing again

Unique Video-Lessons and MIDI Files of Live Performances will make it infinitely easier to figure out their techniques and play like the PROS.

Gain Confidence

With our new approach to music instruction, you can gain an understanding of what you are doing, actionable steps to take, and how to play with more confidence.

Learn Songs Faster

Learn songs quickly by developing your ear and increasing your chord vocabulary. The faster you learn songs the quicker you will become a Master Musician.

Start progressing again

It is easy to hit a wall and feel like you are not progressing. What you need is a change in perspective and a different approach and exposure to NEW and EMERGING ideas!!

Supportive Community

Access to a supportive community means you will have access to hundreds of musicians who can encourage you and provide experience, ideas, feedback, and support.

Amazing Instructor

Access to a teacher that understands how to teach to ALL levels. Having a teacher who understands your specific struggles means that you can get advice tailored to your unique situation.

Gain New Skills

Gain a ton of new chords, ideas, and approaches that are used by the best pianist in gospel. You will never run out of creative ideas while playing.

Save Time

To transcribe your favorite musician can take even good musicians several months to a year. With the membership you get access to a growing list of high-quality gospel songs that you won't find anywhere else.

Rekindle Passion

Nothing gives support like knowing your purpose, understanding your motivating, and interacting with a group of like-minded people, who are passionate. Together we can feel excited about playing again!!!

Get instant access to Sean Wilson Piano

frequently asked questions

Does the basic membership personal coaching help?

All membership levels have access to live weekly group sessions and practice videos. In these live sessions, I personally guide you on how to optimize your practice sessions for maximum growth and retention. This means you'll receive valuable insights and techniques to enhance your learning experience.

In addition, all membership levels can post in the forum anytime you require assistance. Whether you're seeking chord suggestions, looking for ways to improve, or have questions about a specific song, I'm here to provide guidance. You can rest assured that I personally respond to all forum posts within 24-48 hours, guaranteeing prompt and dedicated support throughout your musical journey.

Will you transcribe a song for me after I join?

The membership site is not a transcription service. We are a learning community that teaches ear development, proper chord placement, foundational theory that all ear musicians need to know, songs and midi files for all levels, and more. We also have an Ear Training Course so that you can develop your own ear and hear chords better.

That said, members can (and often do) post clips of songs they cannot figure out in the forum section. I respond to all request in 24 hours or less. Although there is no limit to the amount of times a member can post to the forum, I generally ask for all 'transcription' related post to be limited to about 5-10 seconds.

Honestly, I'm a beginner. A lot of the stuff you do seems advanced. Do you have stuff for people who are pretty new?

Yes, absolutely. Although many of the Youtube videos skew to the intermediate group on the website we recognize the need to teach ALL skill levels. We show on our site how to advance from Beginner all the way to advanced by using our Roadmap feature. Not only do we have training on the Roadmap giving you the exact steps you will need to advance in your skill level but we also have a FULL Beginner Course, that will teach you all the scales, chords, and theory you need to know as a beginner.

So, what if I get in and say "this is not for me. I'd rather just buy your midi files"

If you come to that decision within 30 days here is how I'd like you to word that email. "Hey Sean, tried that membership model but, at this time I would like to take a different direction at this time. Would you mind canceling my membership and providing a refund?" I will respond to you within 24 hours and process your refund as soon as I receive your message.

In addition, even after the 30 days you are not obligated to remain in a membership. Actually you pay in advance each month. So once you cancel, you will still have access to all of the resources on the site until your billing period ends and which point you will not be billed any further.

So you're saying I don't pay extra for midi files? Do I get them all for free as a member?

If you see a song on youtube that I have done you will have access to that song at no additional cost.

How quickly will you help me to blaze like the best musicians, and play like Cory Henry?

Most members see changes in as little as three weeks! We also have a "Quick Tips" section as well as a "Gospel Embellishment" course that will give you immediate results. Be aware that true growth though is never overnight. In fact, the training that is most beneficial is training that is ingrained in the muscle memory, that is, chords and runs that are embedded in the subconscious mind and played without thinking.

The membership allow you to get continued training and support. Our Roadmap will take you from beginner to the advance level, and we have suggested time periods for each skill level. But I prefer that you not join if you are expecting permanent changes to be made overnight. That will take time.

How do I renew my membership?

Membership renews automatically every month after you sign up. You membership in the program will continue and you will have access to all training materials and lessons until you cancel your membership

I don't really use midi files. Would it benefit me to join still?

We have several members who have never used midi files. There are other members who are not experienced with technology. I have designed the site so that the trainings and roadmap alone are sufficient enough to cause maximum growth for most musicians. The midi files should not be the MAIN reason you are joining the site.

The benefit of joining this program is the "training" and "community." By training you are getting a first hand perspective from an experience musician and trained teacher about the way music ought to work. This method has helped thousands on my youtube channel but is more focused and beneficial in my membership site.

The best way to see if the membership site would be for you to check out my youtube channel and see the videos yourself to get a sense of my teaching style. If you find the videos are helpful to you then joining would be a next logical step to boost or start your journey in playing by ear.

Develop your vocabulary, Explode your technique, Improve your Ear

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