Oh Holy Night

This Tutorial is for  "OH Holy Night"

0:15 My Sound Stack (suggested sounds)

4:51 Beginner Version (going through the basics)

12:12 Intermediate Version 

Resources for this Video

What you think about the video featuring Aaron Lindsey on the piano? Do you know your G triads? Was it helpful to know your triads when I was calling out the numbers? If you have any questions leave it in the comment box below...

  • Greg says:

    Hey man, been watching for a while. What sounds what you use for the Yamaha XF8?

    • sean says:

      I use the XF at one of my churches so I will have to look at my sound stack there, but Im defintely using the Full Grand for the top layer, I’ll add the EP in a bit

  • David Arinze Nwanna says:

    hey bro really appreciate this mannn its greattt

  • Blesson John says:

    I’m a beginner piano player. I love how you break down from a simple way and add tips to help beginners as well. Looking forward to joining your site. Thanks

  • Jean BienAime says:

    The mk sensation sound is that a module? If so where can I get it?

  • Mario says:

    Another thorough lesson! Can you please add a search bar on this site? That would be great

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