How to Use LMS Files

LMS Files will help you Learn Songs faster

We have added a new type of file to our website that will help you learn songs faster, identify chords better, and make you a better musician. This file is called an LMS file.  The cool thing about LMS and LMV files is that you can download the file to use and keep it forever, but it won't cost you any extra to play the file (you will need to download a program though)



You can keep ALL MIDI files and LMS files that you download FOREVER. Even if you have to leave the program!!

Here is how to play the LMS/LMV File

Step 1


First you need to download an LMV file to your computer. Remember where you saved it.  Download this song, He's Able

Step 2


Go and Grab MIDICULOUS FREE Player in order to play the file. 

Step 3


Find the file that you downloaded and double-click it!! It should open up within midiculous. If not you may have to open the file

Go have fun with your new file!!