An insane 8 note chord progression

Don't you get tired of sitting an holding a chord for what seems like forever? 

"I really wish I had something to play instead of holding this chord so long"

Well, here is an 8-note progression, Inspired and Used by Quennel Gaskins, that you can use to fill up the silence. I don't always recommend filling up silence with chords, but when you do it right, it will add that special touch, spice up your playing, and turn some heads!!

Watch the Notes Below

Chords Spelled Out

Chord Name

Chord Spelling

C Maj6

LH: C-G    RH: A-C


LH: F-Eb    RH: G-A-B-D


LH: Bb-Ab    RH: C-D-E-G


LH: Eb-G-Db    RH: F to G, hold C on top


LH: Ab-Gb    RH: C-F-Bb

D7 b9b5

LH: D-F    RH: C-Eb-Ab


LH: G-F    RH: A-C-E

G7 b9b5

LH: F-B-Eb    RH: F-Ab-Db-F *keep in mind that the G is held from the previous chord, so that left hand F starts from above that G


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