Kevin Bond Voicings | In the midst of it all MIDI File

This a tutorial on In the Midst of It All, by Yolanda Adams

How would you like to learn from the person who influenced Mike Bereal, Jason, White, David Jackson, and the other great gospel musicians? Today's post studies the song "In the midst of it all" by Kevin Bond.

Here are three reasons you should absolutely be studying Kevin Bond voicings:

  • Many of the gospel movements that you hear originated from him. Of course, we have musicians like Thomas Whitfield who preceded him. However, Kevin Bond is responsible for the classic gospel sound and movements of today.
  • There is a secret progression that is rarely talked about in gospel that studying this song has helped me realize. I noticed it when I first transcribed Eddie Brown, but it was THIS song that helped me see the progressions clearly. See below for the progression
  • The use of patterns, drop 2's, diminished voicings, gospel licks, substitutions, all of the common gospel elements are in this song.

"In The Midst of it All"

1Youtube Section
2"I've come through many hard trials"
3Passing chords to get to a Gsus13 chord
4"Through temptation on every hand"
5"Though Satan tried to stop me"
6"and to place my feet on sinking sand"
7"through the pain and all of my sorrow"
8The secret gospel chord progressions of gospel masters (alternating half vs dim)!!
9"through the pain and all of my sorrow" continued (using the secret progressions)
10How to build a half-diminished chord
11"kept me" chords
12A quick song run through
13"Jesus loves me dearly" movement
14Vamp bounce chords
15This song even has great preacher chords!
16Sean's sound combination setup for this song
17Appendix: an improv pattern for the beginning verse (*didnt make the official video)
18Appendix: melodic minor use (*didnt make the official video)