Live Member Practice Sessions

Welcome to our Member Practice Session

How to make the most of each session

  • We will practice between 7:30am and 9:30am every Monday --Eastern Time Zone 
  • Your practice should be divided into two components: What you are learning and What you are practicing
  • Learning means you are learning a song, or learning a movement, the goal is to memory
  • Practicing means you ALREADY know something, and you are practicing it to make it sound better
  • At the end of your session always put in the chat... WHAT YOU ACCOMPLISHED during the session!

Session Rules

  • Join the practice session by clicking the Zoom link HERE  
  • This practice session is only for practicing on the piano. This is not a Q&A session
  • If you are having problems, refresh the page
  • We're just practicing with each other, Cameras are Optional, but your Mic should be MUTED!
  • The Clock below will either show the time remaining in session or the time TO the next session

Next Session


Next session will be announced soon.