Melody vs Harmony

  • Jonas Souza says:

    Como faz pra eu fazer o curso completo Sean Wilson?

  • nick says:

    Keep up the good work though Sean. I go to Berklee College of Music. Music theory while playing is a very rough subject for a l lot of people. Was curious how you explained things. Im in music theory 301 right now. Have been been playing piano for as long as I can remember. I know how to play but when it comes to reading other peoples score sheets my brain works faster than my fingers which is why I like to compose my own music.

  • Terry says:

    It’s because of the lessons – 1:30 through 2:00 that keeps me coming back.

  • Albert Farr says:

    sheesh. I hope you get me to playing like that at random

  • Joseph Lee says:

    Your such a good teacher sean.

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