How to Play “Sinking” by Tye Tribbett

Most of your have heard Tye Tribbett's Sinking on the Piano. You may know that Parris Bowens MURDERS the piano on the track. Well you can too. Let look at two things with this song:

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    The chord that every gospel musician needs to know
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    How to play the transition chords of "Sinking

1) That Chord EVERY Gospel Musician Needs to Have

The actual chord is not difficult, But what you will need to learn is the proper placement of the chord. Remember this, learning chords is not the most difficult part of improvising in gospel. Placement is the most difficult. And placement can only come by studying, by listening to context, by analyzing, by transcribing. It comes from effort

Here is the chord below. Now do me a favor and go and listen to the chord in various songs to see where you can find it!

The above pic shows the condensed version of the chord: Eb-A-D-F


But if you are able, and if your hands can reach try to fatten up the chord a little by using the voicing below:

Whether you want to use the chord in the first pic or the second pic is up to you. The important thing to remember is how to form the chord. Remember the Left hand will play a dominant chord. The Right hand will play an inverted minor chord.

2) How to Play the Transition Chords

Chords spelled Out

These are the chords for transition for "God's been so good to me..." at the Vamp of the song

Chord Name

Chord Spelling

1st chord

Eb7 #9#5

RH: G-B-Db-F#

LH: Eb-Db

2nd chord

Eb7 #9/C#

RH: G-Bb-Db-F#

LH: C#-Bb-Eb

3rd chord


RH: E-G#-B-D#

LH: F#-Eb

4th chord


RH: G#-B-D#-F#


5th chord

Eb7 #9(b13)

RH: G-B-Db-F#

LH: Eb-B


Hold Db while playing octaves in RH

With Right hand play

G, Bb, B, Gb (LH hold D)

6th chord


RH: B-D#-F#-Bb

LH: F#-Eb-

7th chord

Emin7 (drop down)

RH: (D-B) then (B-G#) then (G#-F) then (F-D)


8th chord

DMajor Triad (b5)/F#

RH: A-D-F#-A

LH: F#-D-Ab

**The Chords mostly repeat at this point