Use the Suspended to Dom7 Voicing

In order to do the movement, you need to be able to know where you would play a Dominant Chord. Our Dominant Chord Course on our site will show you where to use a Dominant Chord. In addition, you can also watch the Youtube Video on how to use Dominant chords properly.

How to use the 9Sus4 to Dominant movement

  • Find where you would like to play a Dominant Chord
  • Look at the bass note of that Dominant Chord
  • Use the chart below and find the 9Sus4 chord that corresponds with the Bass note
  • Move the top note down either a half-step or whole-step depending on what sound you want
  • Move the 2nd note from the bottom, down a half-step

Members are able to download the chart. Please log in to see the chart. If you are not a member, check out the membership training site by clicking here.