That West Cost Sound

There is a certain voicing that is used often by West Coast musicians. I have observed this voicing while transcribing Mike Bereal, Eddie Brown, and other West Coast musicians. Check out the video below which uses the voicings almost exclusively

Yes!! That's It.. 

What is that sound? ​

Well check the video below where Sean explains the theory of how to form that sound...

Ok let me break that down for you. We have TWO different TYPES of chords, in different hands, and in different keys. In the left hand we have a diminished voicing and in the right hand we have an inverted minor voicing. 

 Since the diminished chord is a symmetrical chord you have three different left-hand options over the same right hand chord. Still see an example below for clarity​

Left Hand 

Three different voicings work for the same right hand chord:




Right Hand 

C minor, 2nd inversion

G-C-Eb to F-Bb-Dd

Please note that in general you twill of the Bb and go to the C then go down a whole step as shown in the tutorial video

So what do I need to do in order to master this?

In order to play this at a high skill level you will need to memorize ALL of the diminished voicings that can be played with every minor inversion. In the chart above you see the three left hand voicings you can use for C minor. Now take it to Db minor and practice the NEW left handed voicings for that chord...