As the Deer (A)

Sean first played this song "As the Deer" in A the verse only on the piano. Then after Justin Wilson heard this song he added the chorus to this song. This video will discuss the chords and also the mindset that was used to get these changes!!

Tell me what you think? Are you gonna try and learn this one?

  • Jerry West says:

    I click on get files and all I get is a blank page. I want to download midi files. Is there a fee for members to download files?

    • sean says:

      Are you downloading from a phone or android? Which song are you trying to grab?

    • Chevonne says:

      There’s no fee for downloading midi files for members. What type of device are you using to download the files? I’ve downloaded the midi file and it works on my pc.

  • Kwame Afirim Sakyi says:

    I cant hear the sound from the midi file , the other video isnt showing up.
    However ive understood the apporach and ready to add to my vocabulary

    • Chevonne says:

      What are you using to play the midi file? I use Midiculous and it works for me. The thing is, the midi file doesn’t play immediately after pressing play but it works for me tho.

  • Rick Burgess says:

    nothing happens when I click I want this. Can’t get files. I am on my pc and trying to download files.

  • Jamal says:

    I Love the diminished movement to the six.

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