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10 Types Chords You Need

You’ll be transcribing difficult songs in no time once you recognize all of these chords

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Sean's Complete Practice Routine

This Course will show you exactly what I practice for each stage of the learning process. Feel free to practice with me as I move up the levels

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All about Dominants

If you want to make changes on the fly and learn how to start improvising you must fully understand this topic

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A PERSONAL look at Kaspar Jalily

Sean looks at some really nice runs and licks by examining 3 Kaspar songs

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Learn your scales and triads

You must have complete MASTERY over all scales and triads in every key to be proficient. I will hold your hand and show you everything

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7-3-6 Chord Progressions

Competent and Intermediate Musicians will love these 7-3-6 changes that will make any musician sound like a seasoned pro

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Gospel Embellishments

If you wonder why you’re playing sounds “lifeless” or “stale” it could be because you don’t have the nuances and tricks of the greatest gospel musicians. This course will show you how to transform your songs easily

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Explode your Ear

This Course provides a step by step method to develop EAR at a very high level. Following Sean’s 4-tier system

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Strings on a Keyboard Tips

If you plan on using strings while accompanying someone on the keyboard then you need to understand the tips and requirements to sound good

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