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Hey, if you like Paul Cornish this is the page for you. Paul Cornish is the brother of Phil Cornish, a legend, and titan in the music industry. Phil, previously the music director of the Kanye Sunday Service Choir, got Paul to play most of the piano that you hear on the recording and in many of the live performances. 

Paul worked with Herbie Hancock and has been mentioned in the Downbeat News, as one of the up and coming musicians in LA, and is a quiet , but unstoppable force in the music industry. 

What makes Paul Cornish's sound unique

Paul is unique because he is committed to the melody. Every choice he makes seems to be melodic-conscious. This stands out in the gospel music scene where everyone seems to be trying to outdo each other with fancier and fancier riffs. 

Paul is unique because he is committed to the melody

It's not that he doesnt do riffs, and nice chord movements, but you ALWAYS know where is at in his song. You understand the melody and it never seems to get "lost in the sauce."

2021 Christmas Interview (watch for free!)

 Sean interviewed Cornish and got to hear some fascinating insights:

  • Paul cites Phil, his older brother, as one of his primary influences, both musically and professionally. 
  • Paul attended a performing arts high school in Houston, the same school Robert Glasper attended
  • He went to USC for Jazz Performance
  • He also received his Masters Degree while attending the great Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz, being chosen as one of seven students and given a full scholarship. 
  • In addition, Paul played 3 songs. Sean only put one of the songs on YouTube, and this video has received 30 thousand views!! 

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2022 Christmas Interview NEW!!!!

In This Video: