How Quennel Gaskins uses the Maj7b5 to Quartile Sound

Quennel masterfully plays "Yes, Jesus loves me" in the Key of G. In this post, I'd like to look at how he uses the G13Sus to C 6/9 progression to create this nice sound!!

Check it out in the video below

The first step to understanding a chord is to understand the content

Understand the Context

This specific movement can be used to approach any major chord. In this video above Quennel is using the movement to get to a C Major chord.

The basic idea here is to use this movement when you need a dominant chord. The first chord is essentially a Dominant 13 chord (G-F-B-E-A). But I like calling it the Major 7b5 because to the "ear" it sounds bright like a major chord, although it acts like a dominant chord. So this first chord is a passing chord

The second chord is the chord you are approaching. I like to call the chord you are approaching the target chord. In this example, the target chord is a C 6/9 chord. But you will hear me call this a quartile chord because instead of playing it like this, C-E-A-D-G, we start from the E and simply count up every 4 notes. So its E-A-D-G.

Jazz musicians will often use this second chord as their "1" chord

What are the Notes

Play F-B-E-A to E-A-D-G and memorize it in all your keys.

See the graphic below and you can start using this right away in your songs!


See a Sneak Peak of more Nice Chords!

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  • Rick Crum says:

    Great I started playing again

  • Joshua Simms says:

    Hello Sean, My name is Joshua Simms. I play at my dads church for almost 15 yrs. I began learning on my own at a young age with theory from school. I can hear a song and play it well but I’m looking to advance to a new level. At some point I created a gap between my playing over the years but I still play for services. I teach my praise team and choirs so I’m catching up that way I can continue to grow developing my own sound along with the new aged pros.

  • Joshua Simms says:

    I forgot to add I’m a newby to the group. I’m not quite sure where to began. I’ve watched your videos a long time. Finally I answered the call. Thank you for your God given talent. I am ready to learn.

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