How to Play Lord You Are Awesome, West Coast Version

A Tutorial on how to Play "Lord You are Awesome" on the Piano

Learn to Play "Lord You are Awesome" by William Murphy on the Piano or Keyboard. These chords have been updated from the  Wes Angeles Church of God Praise Team. The chords this song are similar to the original. See the Video Below for a Piano Tutorial. You can also Download the Chord Chart below to learn these chords quickly.

If this tutorial is seems to be too advanced check out the beginner's tutorial on this song. It will help you to get a sense of the pattern and rhythmic structure of the song.

Video Tutorial, Part 1

Video Tutorial, Part 2


Chord Chart (PDF)

  • Sean says:

    Hey seanwilson,

    Love your videos! Which concept do you use at the beginners video at the end of the video. I know its modal playing, but do you use that lydian dom concept to do that modal outside the key stuff? Can you explain?

    • sean says:

      Hey is your name Sean? Hows its going? The end of the beginning video was just various 2-5-1 progressions to get to the new key of Db.

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