Learn How to Play Talk Music on the Piano

Learn Talk Music on the Piano

This Post Deals with How to Play Talk Music using Jason Tyson ideas and voicings

So why is it SO frustrating to figure out what to play in the background while someone is talking. Sometimes we may have a tendency to over-complicate things. In addition, many times, we compare our talk music with some of the cool things we hear from Jason Tyson's Live performance. So we judge ourselves too harshly. This post will show you that you probably already play talk music and only need to master a few things. 

But if you want to play it well you will need to master some fundamentals first

Talk Music Fundamentals

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    Master your Drop 2 Major Triads and Major 7th chords: you want to master your Drop 2 major triads first, then Drop 2 minor triads, then Drop 2 Major Seventh chords
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    Learn to form your own melodies and harmonize those melodies with Drop 2 voicings keeping the melody on top: you want to start with simple melodies at first then as you get better create more complicated melodies
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    Study Orchestration, Movie Soundtracks, and Song Intros: What to study? Listen for how various songs form melodies, listen to how they harmonize those melodies, listen to how they build tension, and also how to resolve to the one chord
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    See Examples Below for ideas: you may have learn a few improvisation tricks, but after a while all your playing sounds the same 


Master 'Drop 2 Major Triads' and 'Drop 2 Major 7th chords'

Drop 2 Triads

Take ANY Triad and Drop the Middle note One Octave

Drop 2 Seventh Chords

Take ANY Major Seventh Chord and Drop the "2nd highest" note One Octave


Create Simple Melodies and Harmonize Those Melodies with Drop 2 Voicings

Pattern 1

Pattern 2

Pattern 3

Pattern 4

Pattern 5


Study Orchestration, Movie Soundtracks, and Song Intros

Check out some of the Song Intros Below for some Ideas from Smokie Norful's 12th AME Mass Choir Concert with Jason Tyson and other ideas

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