Learn Shout Music and Preacher Chords (F)

Master Gospel Shout Music

If you have ever visited a church that starts uptempo shouting and dancing, if you have no idea what to do you will feel frustrated and embarrassed. The thing about churches that shout is that you NEVER KNOW WHEN it can happen and you have to be prepared for it. The purpose of this post is to help those musicians who need to know what to do when the shouting starts.

Here is a full shout from Dominique Brice. If you are coming from Youtube, I edited this down, but you can see the full shout Below. 

Also you can purchase the entire tutorial, LMV file (see all the notes), plus Preacher Chords, plus a dope arrangement of "Friend of God," plus talk music below. (Free for members of this website)

First, get a click track

Dominique Brice says let the click track to most of the work. Your job is not for the click to make YOU look good. In fact, your job is to make the CLICK SOUND GOOD by providing rhythmic playing that doesnt compete with the click track

This particular shout is in F

You need to change any of the notes to reflect another key if you want to play in another key. Dominique bounces 2 chords

F13sus - played like this, LH: Eb-G-Bb-D     RH: F-G-Bb-D-F

F7 - played like this, LH: Eb-A-D      RH: A-C-F

The Youtube tutorial shows a perfect example that all you need to play during a shout is those 2 chords when you are started out. 

If you are a member of Sean Wilson Piano Training Site, you get this course below at no extra cost

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