Learn to Improvise with this Dope Groove

Learn how to improvise by playing a simple groove

Hey, spoke you may be tempted to jump straight into trying to play like Antuan but that is a mistake and you will become discouraged very quickly unless you are already proficient at soloing. Check out the steps below, but you want to start by learning the basic  groove

First Step - Know the Bass Line

The first step when learning to improvise is to make sure you know the root (or bass) note. For this particular song, the root bass notes are:

Eb - Db- C- F- Bb- C- F- Bb

In order to get a feel for the groove go ahead and play the bass line with the song. You will be able to internalize the timing and also the feel

Second Step - Know the chords

Your next step is to make sure you know the chords to the song. This means you need to take time to memorize each chord and play it with the video. As you can see below we have the chords names for you. If you are not familiar with how to play certain chords it would be a good idea to watch the video above and I will spell out each chord for you

Ebmin7 - Ebmin/Db- Cmin7b5- F7- Bbmin7- Cmin7b5- Fmin7- Bb7

Third Step - Swap out chords with substitutions

The next step would be to learn the chords that you see in Red below. These are chords that you can use to swap with the original chords. But remember, as long as you remember the bass note you are playing, then always remember what bass note the "swap out" chord is used with. See the video above for an example

Fourth Step - Time to study Antuan's improv

If you have done the work I have outlined above the next section will be a joy to do. You will see that Antuan does a lot of "cool changes" that you may want to add to your own playing!!! The neatest thing about this is because you took the time to memorize the notes, you will be able to understand the context and application of Antuan's moves becomes much easier for you to implement!

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  • Jada says:

    I was waiting for this yesterday after youtube! I love the thought process you showed when talking about the video, and cant wait to get into this! Im commenting before watching the video!

  • Jada says:

    I love this video! I really enjoyed the approach for working through this groove and the overall point of being more creative in vamp type situations! Another “Blueprint”

  • Jason Stone says:

    This right here!!!

  • Michael Chidi says:

    You’re the man Sean. This whole thing from Antuan’s play to your review and breakdown was just so inspiring.

  • Tyler Sykes says:

    Sean, I loved the way you approached this lesson… providing the basics/foundation from a chord perspective and then how you build with substitutions and the different options, and then layer on what Antuan is doing! Solid!

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