Arpeggio Practice


Benefit of Arpeggio Practice

Memorize 4 types of chords quickly and easily (Major7, Minor7, Half-Diminished, and Dim7 acting as a Flat 9)

Learn appropriate left-hand comping techniques to play with various chords

Master the V7b9 voicing one of the most used passing chords in Gospel

Learn how to change to any key

Develop evenness of fingers and technique



You must first know how to form EACH chord type listed or the arrpegios will be difficult to execute

Getting the left-hand comping is key. For starters hold the exact chord without changing much, for example, if the right hand is playing a Cmaj7, the left hand holds the CMajor7, as you progress, challenge yourself to find variations of the same chord while arrpegiating the right hand.

Your last note descending will always end on the new key, use that as a hint for what key you are in. Execute a simple 2-5-1 to that key