Prerequisite 2 – Determine which note is higher or lower


You may think this is an easy lesson. Just watch to the end. You will need to be able to tell if a note is higher or lower than another note easily and quickly in order to make quick decisions to figure out runs

  • Elvis Ansu says:

    Hi Sean,
    how can we practice this by ourself ?? or you think its better just repeating the one on the video ??

    • sean says:

      For now I would practice this multiple times. Because although you will not the answers in advance, you are really supposed to be focusing on the actual tones! Listen intently.

    • sean says:

      Yeah, after going through this lesson again after my earlier comment, Im gonna have to stand by my comment. You don’t need variety, you need repetition. You need to strive for 100% accuracy every time you play the vid, don’t play it once. Play it often, your ear will improve!!!

  • Ryan Gongaware says:

    thank you!! this video helped me realize how much I struggle when the notes are played at the same time. never noticed that before! thank you for this course

  • William Givens says:

    Yes extremely challenging! I am working through an ap as well that helps with hearing notes. I do find myself being better at church already. Before I would take me a little minute to find the key but now I am getting faster at it and hearing the notes more clearly. But still my vocabulary Is so limited and trying to grow it so fast can be frustrating sometimes.

  • Tristan Kamers says:

    I need help separating the two notes in my head… I can’t find a good method for doing that.

    • sean says:

      Hey Tristan, I think the trick is not to try and do it in your head but rather think of them consecutively, in order words one after the other.
      Try by playing one note on the piano then the other one

  • Pamela Doggett says:

    This is good, this will help with hear parts as well when teach a song.

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