Prerequisite 5 – Identify EVERY note within a chord


In this lesson you will need to sing every note you hear in a chord. It will require you to use your memory plus every other skill in the previous lessons combined. Some portions of this lesson will obviously be more difficult than previous lessons and it is recommended that you do this particular lesson multiple times until you have memorized all the chords in the lesson. After that I would advise you to practice using easy chords you hear in familiar songs, then move to difficult chords.

  • Herman says:

    Harder than I thought but this will build my ear

  • says:

    how often should you practice this course/section for an intermediate

    • sean says:

      I would practice this section multiple times a week until you almost memorize it. The changes will happen silently so you may not even notice it until you are trying to figure out songs on your own

  • says:

    So you mean I dont need to try to figure out other chords not on this video on my own? Try only chords on this video and it will suffice to figure out other chords?

    • sean says:

      you will.. eventually, but stay on this one long enough to where you have it almost memorized before you move on. It needs to be done, I’d say at least 6-10 times.

  • says:

    Holy smokes, this is challenging!! I love it!!!!

  • Samuel Fluellen says:

    So, yea this last one got me!! Lord’s will I’m about to get it down though. I could hear the low and the high notes, but sometimes the middles notes get fuzzy or faint would be a better description. Question; I did better with this by pausing the video and playing the chords on my phone app…is that a method one could use to improve? If it’s cheating I’ll definitely stop though. Thanks in advance. I’m loving the course btw.

    • sean says:

      Yeah, this is a very important exercise!… Not sure I’d call it cheating though, but I suggest muotple viewings so on the second time you could try without pausing maybe

  • Nayelle Alexandre says:

    This is hard but I still got it!!!

  • Tavares says:

    I was actually the most nervous about this for some reason. I’m still developing that keen ear but, I got it. You’re an awesome teacher.

  • William Phillips says:

    I went thru this 2x’s today (Sunday). I’m going thru this everyday until it’s perfect. I’m still moving on BUT I’m revisiting this…

  • Tamara Mishra says:

    This is crazy hard. Will definitely be revisiting it several times. Found it especially hard to sing the lower notes outside my range and struggled to transpose it in an higher octave to suit my range. But this will definitely improve my ear training,

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