Plan your 2021 year

What are your 2021 Goals for the Year?

If you are not making a plan, then you are planning to fail. In order to get results you must always have a goal in mind. The planner I have below will help you in setting reasonable goals for the year. Feel free to download the chart as many times as necessary. 

Be sure to review your goals and update them EACH quarter. 

How to fill out each section

Main Goal: this is what you would like to accomplish for the year. It needs to be specific. Learning to play in all 12 keys is NOT a goal. It is too vague and general. It is better to name the keys you would like to play in. Another example, learning to solo is not a goal, it is too vague and general. It is better to say, learn how to play "Cory Henry's solo on Lingus." Which is reasonable since that could take a year to do but is still moving towards your ultimate goal of learning to solo

Roadmap Goal: where would you like to be on the Roadmap. Use the Roadmaps on the site and pick a skill that you would like to reach.* This means you must learn EVERYTHING up to that point. I would say 95% of musicians have missing gaps so we always need to be working on the fundamentals

Song Focus: You are looking for your favorite song to play here that you would like to improvise. You need to be able to learn movements you can put in this song. You need to record yourself playing the song at the beginning and again at the end of the year so you can measure your progress

Chord Focus: What chord would you like to have completely mastered? Very few of us have actually MASTERED a whole chord, to where we can use it at command and any given time, perfectly in context. Once you write the chord down, every time you see me talk about the chord on a various video you need to stop, take notes, and write down how it was used. This will help you to see ALL the ways the chord can be used. 

Get Your Goal Planning Chart 

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