Play Amazing Grace totally different, by Keith Jarrett!

This video tutorial will teach you how to play 'Amazing Grace' by Keith Jarrett

4 Types of Chords to Memorize for "Amazing Grace"

Chord #1  - Bbmin6 (Bb-G-Bb-D-G)

I really like the sound of this chord. The key is to know WHEN to use it. You want to use this chord primarily to transition to an F major chord. However, Keith Jarrett uses it in place on a Bb Maj chord. He hits this chord right before he hits the BbMaj6, as shown in the video.

Chord #2 -  F9 (add 13) (F-Eb-A-D-G-C)

This chord is a little twist on the regular ol' Dominant 7 chord we are used to hearing. Generally when playing a F7 chord I would voice it using LH: F-Eb,   RH: A-C-F, but this chord changes the "flavor" of this chord by adding a 'D' and also a 'G.' The video shows lots of ways to voice it and how to think about this chord.

Chord #3 - C9Sus4 (C-Bb-D-F, can also add 'A' if needed)

Sus Chords are some of my favorite types of chords. Generally speaking you would play this Sus chord right before you played a C7 (Dominant Chord). What's neat about this particular chord is that it is the EXACT same chord I taught in this Youtube Video. It's just a Major (add 2) chord rearranged. A major add 2 chord would be Bb-C-D-F (simply drop the second from the bottom note to get the C9Sus4 chord). This is different from dropping the second from the top note, so understanding the context of this chord is important.

Chord #4 - F7b9 (F-Eb-A-C-Eb-F#, voiced different in video)

I love Flat 9 chords!!! The tension in these chords almost always turn heads when applied correctly. This type of chord generally leads to a BbMinor or Bb Major chord. However, Keith Jarrett is no ordinary musician. So of course, he uses his ear to make musical decisions as we talked about in our Keith Jarrett video. To form this chord you only need to play a F7 (F-Eb) in the left and a F#dim7 (F#-A-C-Eb) in the right hand

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    Good lesson.

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    22 minutes is where things became fuzzy to me. Is there midi?

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    Great vid Sean… With showing those four chords in the beginning it allowed for the teaching to go much faster and smoother.

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    So glad that your are showing us how to use the jazz feel approach to our own music. Keep adding and doing these jazz style break downs!

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    The video is so helpful not only in this song but others also for the better understanding of chords thank you.

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    Thank you, Sean. I’ve been mystified listening to this progression for a couple of decades, and you made it clear. Much appreciation!

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