How to Play MIDI Files

What do you do AFTER you get your midi file?

Well, you play it... 

You steal the chords...

You learn from it...

But sometimes its not that simple, unfortunately, MIDI is not natively supported, the way a Microsoft Word document is. Since do not have a universal way of playing MIDI files, you will need to download your own MIDI File Player to access the songs. The reason I wrote this post was to show you the various ways that you can play your MIDI file depending on what techology you currently have

My favorite recommendation-using Synthesia to play your MIDI File

Software Programs for PC

  • Midiculous, this is the go to software for many gospel and other musicians as well for working with MIDI files. The FREE version of Midiculous does NOT read MIDI files. Get it NOW
  • MIDIPiano, this is a free MIDI Player for Windows. Although I have not used this software, the developer does a good job keeping the program updated.
  • SongTutor ($47), this is Hear and Play (arguably the biggest gospel musician site in the world). Their MIDI Player stands out for ease of use. Its super easy to use. Check out their DEMO

Software Programs for MAC

  • Garageband (FREE-Should automatically come on newer MAC, you may have to download this program if you are running an older MAC and have not updated), 
  • SongTutor ($47), (see above description)
  • A full-fledge DAW or Music Recording Program, such as Logic Pro, Repear, or Pro-Tools. These programs are on the app store but are expensive

Software Program for iPAD

Software Program for Android (*new)

  • Synthesia ($19.99) - **Important.. You need to use a device with a screen greater than 6 inches to use Synthesia. In addition, Synthesia LLC has reportedly said that if you buy the desktop version you should not have to pay for extra mobile versions. Enter your 'product code' into
  • Benjamin says:

    Android has other apps that can play midi files too.
    I use Midi Melody and MidiSheetMusic.

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