Practice the Dorian #4 Scale on the Piano

The Dorian #4 scale

What is the Dorian #4 Scale? This is one of my favorite scales. It belongs the Minor Chord Family, and more specifically to the Dorian Set of Scales, since the 3rd and 7th notes are flat. If you have not added this scale to your practice routine, then I suggest you start today!

What gives this scale its unique sound is the raised #11 (or some would say raised 4th)

The Notes to the Dorian #4 Scale

Here are the notes to the C Dorian #4 (aka C Dorian Sharp 11) scale

Notes below:

C - D - Eb - F# - G - A - Bb

Dorian #4 Scale on the piano

Some of the chords contained in the Dorian #4


Chord Names

C - Eb - G

C minor

C - Eb - F# - A

C dim7

A - C - Eb

A dim

D - F# - A - C


G - A - D

G sus2

Eb - G - Bb - C

Eb maj6

The reason I am showing you the chords is so you have an idea of WHEN to use this particular scale if you are improvising. But remember, timing is just as important as the notes.

How to practice the Dorian #4 Scale (in C)

If you want to practice this scale I have a video below showing just one of the ways I practice the scale. I start by playing the scale with both hands. After that I play the scale with the right hand with corresponding chords, then I practice playing the scale with the left hand.

This is a much better way of practicing scales because you are forced to HEAR the context of the scale as you practice. In addition, it is much more beneficial to practice the scale as you would  use it and not isolated to only the scale notes without context

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