The DimMaj7 chord

What is the DimMaj7 chord?

If you love diminished chords, then you will love learning the sound of the Diminished Major 7th chord. These chords can be used in Gospel or Jazz Harmony and will definitely give you that updated sound on the piano.

I don't see it as a chord--it's more like a sound

A sound that comes from the diminished scale. Check out all the stuff you can do with this!

  • Henry says:

    Hey Sean,
    this tutorial is super impressive!! I am just studying the dim maj 7th chord and your explanation opens many doors on the usage of “diminish sound”.
    And I find you use two interesting passing quartal chords in 14:45-14:47 in the youtube video, wish you can explain more on that. It sounds amazing!


    Wow Sean I’m really thankful for this tutorial 🔥🔥🔥

  • Aramis says:

    Awesome & Explained in detail

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