The Lydian Sound for gospel

You may be wondering what scale did Kenny Shelton use on the organ in this video?

Well it depends, if you are using A as the root of the scale then he is using the A Dorian. However, if you are using C as the root of the scale then he is playing C Lydian. I have chosen to go with C Lydian for two reasons:

  1. When he trills in his right hand he starts the scale on the C
  2. The chord he uses right before his final chord is C-F#-B... which has a lydian sound to my ears, *although one could argue that it is a rootless D9 as well

What are the notes to the C Lydian scale?

The C Lydian scale is C-E-D-F#-G-A-B-C *you may notice that these are the same notes in a G Major scale but starting on the C. The video below will go into more detail about how to use this scale

Do you think you can use this scale? Let me know...

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  • Ricky Bascom says:

    this is awesome. i never understood a way to use lydian until this video

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