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Since you watched this video, you realized the importance of taking care of all those “gaps” you have in your playing!! Press the red “next lesson” button below to watch the next video!

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  • Bosina Phileo says:

    I’m glad to be part of this great community. I want to gain a different approach to my music.

  • Orlando Woods says:

    Glad to be back and get started.

  • Orlando Woods says:

    Sold my moxf8. My new board arrives in two days.

  • Max Clark says:

    It really is an.honor and pleasure to be here. I started with quinell gaskin 30 day challenge and was awesome. just need more. Thanks Sean for putting in the work to help us gain opportunities and be more confident.

    • sean says:

      Yes, is you were a part of Quennel’s challenge then you’ve had some great foundation training!!!

      • max says:

        Yessir it help out a lot. ready for more and have been watching a long time. I had to jump on this. So grateful.

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