Practice Your Drop 2 Chords

It feels great to finally finish my Drop 2 chords

In this video, I am finally finishing the Drop 2 inversions that I started in March on my website. Initially, I was only going to provide this for members, but I decided to show you my process in learning these drop 2 chords. 

Hey, you are watching a snippet of my Full Drop 2 training. In this video we cover only A, Bb, and B. If you would like to learn all of your Drop 2's and need to see all the notes you can see the button below, join the membership, and access the full course on this. 

Also, check the table below to get a head start on learning your Drop 2s for the key of C

Here are the Drop 2's for the Key of C

Root Position

1st Drop 2

2nd Drop 2

3rd Drop 2

4th Drop 2

C Major 7





C Minor 7





C Minor7 b5





C Diminished 7





But in order to master drop 2's you need to practice and memorize your Drop 2's in every key. You can also go back to the Youtube Video here

Leave me a comment below!! Are you gonna learn your Drop 2 chords?

  • Keith Woolridge jr says:

    Man this really makes this all makes things clear to me

  • K.V. Banks says:

    This is dope! I’m going to be working on this starting next week!

  • Wendy says:

    Drop 2’s are everything and Sean’s training here is dope!

  • Jada says:

    This is fantastic. That accountability thing is real!

  • Chevonne says:

    Pure awesomeness @sean!!

  • David Kaggulire says:

    Awesome stuff Sean. This will take my playing to another level surely

  • Hype says:

    Yeah, I watched like 15 videos but when I saw this it became clear

  • Convine Afundi says:

    Just discovered this today. I didn’t know what drop 2 was. Thank you

  • Benjamin says:

    This is my first time here Sir and I’m really going to practice my drop 2 chords.

  • Ekemini Inimfon says:

    Great work! I’m definitely working on this practice…..

  • Bagoole shadrack says:


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