What to play in your Left Hand on the Piano

If you've ever wondered what the heck to do with your left hand while your right hand plays chords, you are not alone

Is it not easy trying to figure out what to play in the Left Hand when you are first learning to play the piano. And playing octaves in the Left Hand is actually NOT A BAD IDEA. It is far better to play octaves then only use your right hand. Wouldn't your songs sound like they are missing something if you only use your right hand to play chords. 

"It is far better to play octaves than nothing," but 5ths are better than octaves if you don't know what to do

Speaking of right hand though. Why is it that the LH is so neglected? In fact, it is rare that I hear music teachers focus on what to do with the Left Hand when the Right Hand is playing a chord. In fact, as you get more advanced in improvisation you will notice that the chords should mainly come from your Left Hand, not your right, but that is another topic of discussion

In the video below I have some additional examples as an extension to the Youtube Video.

Also check out the chart below to see more Left Hand Voicings

What  did you learn from this video? If you have any questions leave it in the comment box below...

  • Henry Provencal says:

    You started well, but when you got to the diminished chords, you went all super level chording and lost me. That was bad for me! I’m a jazz singer, but thought I’d learn piano at age 53 – 55. I’m left handed; concentrated too much on right hand; not a natural – and forgot my L.H. Up to the DIMS, it was very helpful so , thank you.

    • sean says:

      Hey Henry, thanks for the feedback, this particular video wasn’t made to explain the Left Hand concept further it was to demonstrate what you could do with the LH. I would probably use the original YouTube video for the actual teaching, since this one primarily focuses on examples

  • Mosses says:


  • Srinivas says:

    Sir u r lessons r super.

  • Nathalie Ndolo says:

    Thanks a lot!

  • Tina Winn says:

    Too fast for me. I feel like I’m in pre-k. Lol Still learning to find the right keys/ notes.

  • Kenn says:

    Hi brother. My 110yr old Lady Bechstein don’t have no lights on her ivories. Can your training course system work for us? Sorry, no midi magic lights, just the old fashioned fires of the imagination. But I do want to learn how to play skillfully for my King.
    I apologize if this is off topic for the question section.

    • sean says:

      I am confused by your question somewhat. I never suggested or required “lights” on the keys. In fact, I would discourage using a keyboard where the notes light up, there are usually gimmicky and hurt the musician by being dependent on the lights.

  • Josh says:

    Hi Sean, I am relatively new to piano. Just discovering your youtube page and this site. I love the information it really helps a great deal

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